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We tell video stories.

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What We Do

At Manu Films, we thrive on creating short, meaningful video stories rooted in documentary principles, but with a cinematic flair.

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How It Works

Our process is straightforward, experience-tested, and a lot of fun! Plus, our Manu Special offers upfront pricing with no guesswork.

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Why it works

When you tell a story, people listen more closely. Combine this with the sensory power of video and you have a compelling way to share.

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A video for every story

Whether you’re a nonprofit seeking to raise awareness, a small business looking to grow, or an individual wanting to record memories, our goal is to help you share what matters most to you.

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    Organization videos

    For nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations

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  • Personal videos

    For families, small groups, couples, and individuals

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Let us create your video idea.

For the love of pets: Watch Betsy’s Flock, a short, fun video about Betsy and her two African grey parrots, Sophie and Jake.

Vows on the beach: Watch the love story of Muzi and Jeremy, married in Haleiwa on Oahu’s breathtaking North Shore.

Motivated to move: Fitness company Team Move honors one of its first clients, a group of four ladies dedicated to being healthy.

Fun and easy

The Manu Special

With our innovative video package, we make it easy for anyone to hire a professional videographer — without hidden prices or complicated quotes.

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    For $1,000, you get two hours of recording time and a professionally shot and edited video two to five minutes in length.

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Let us create your video story.

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